Culinary Immersions

With engaging hands-on experiences in and out of the kitchen, we reveal new possibilities for dishes, menus and processes. With new awareness and new skills, your teams will never look at ingredients and food the same way again.


Experience Activations

Imagineering with Spare Food takes people far beyond what they could ever dream of doing with food waste. Together we’ll redefine the Story of Waste in your organization and design new experiences to engage employees, guests, and partners at every point of interaction.


Culture Creation

Sustainable behavior change requires bold leadership from people throughout the organization. Together we’ll inspire with new habits, new processes and new rituals that make the commitment to tackling food waste real and permanent.


Culinary Creation



Mounds of corn husks? Buckets of avocado peels and pits? Bins of beef tallow? Through our commitment to cooking with whole ingredients, we’ll uncover new ways to use your tools to turn trimmings and scraps into tasty meals.



True culinary innovation doesn’t end with creating new dishes. Ask the right questions and you might influence the supply chain. We work with you and your purveyors to plan menus  that consider how each ingredient might be maximized across multiple dishes, preparations and techniques.



The stunning fact is that 97% of new food products introduced into the market fail. Using our culinary expertise, extensive market experience, and the power of story, we work with you to innovate new flavors, products, and categories that fulfill on our shared mission of reducing food waste.